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Mesa boogie Mark 5:25 + Helix rack + pedals in drawer

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So I'm going for my dream rig and I need your advice/ comments on this, since it's the first time I'll be going for a rack system.



  • Mesa Boogie Mark V:25
  • Helix Rack
  • Helix Control pedalboard
  • Tuner pedal next to the pedalboard
  • 2x ODs connected to the Helix (rack)
  • 2x expression pedals (wah and volume)



  1. Would I be able to connect 2 external pedals to the Helix and use them in Helix patches?
  2. Do I need Mission external pedals for wah and volume or can I use others like a Dimebag wah?
  3. How do you guys power the Helix Control pedalboard, do you use a power supply like a Truetone CS7?
  4. Can the Helix control the Mark V:25 channels? Can I use that feature when setting up Helix presets?
  5. Would I need extra gizmos?


If someone has a similar rack system please do share, I would be willing to pay for help designing the whole thing, including necessary cables, etc...


Thank you!

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