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Test Your Ears! PodXT or Roland COSM? New June 14th!

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I put two songs in my music website: "Heard My Call" (mostly synths and electric bass; guitars starts at 1:39) is the song on top, and "Hey, What You Tryin' to Do" (guitar oriented) is the next song down. One song has all Roland COSM guitar amp models, and the other song has all PodXT guitar amp models. Can you tell which is which? Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved. Here is my link:

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Vocal style isn't up my alley, but the track "Heard My Call" sounded well produced.

If I had to describe the vocal style I'd call it' Marilyn Manson Meets Talking Heads.

Lyrics sound to me like they're trying to be sort of alt-christian 1990s vague.  :-)

No insult intended, it's pretty good just not my jam.  

I think your POD XT track sounded better mixed and mastered, more cohesive, less muddy.


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