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Can the strymon ojai power the hx effects?


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Hi i just got the strymon ojai and i was wondering how to power the hx effects? and how its done what type cable does it require?
Cuz it say that the hx effects need at least 3A to power but i saw lots of ppl doing and saying it doesn't require that much to do

any help will be nice, thanks a lot

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It should be fine. Plenty of people have done this before, HX Effects doesn't need 3A, more like just over 1A, which despite the placarded output of 500mA, can be supplied by using 2 outputs of the Ojai.


Here's a previous thread on this topic.


You need to run 2 outputs in parallel (ie doubling the Current) so you'll get 9v at 1000mA+. 


HX Effects input is 9v Centre +ve and a 2.5mm jack.  Depending on which cables you use you may need to reverse the polarity. Strymon don't appear to offer a current doubler adapter cable (?), but there are suggestions in the linked thread.


Frankly I find it easier to make my own rather than using a selection of cables and adapters, but it does require a very basic understanding and ability/equipment to solder. HTH

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