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Headphones And Speaker Simultaneously (for Di)

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Hi guys.


I just posted the idea that it would be nice to be able to use the speaker and the headphones jack simultaneously by having a setting in the app. The reason for this would be use the headphones signal as a balanced out directly to the board for live purposes. I know this is not the optimal signal, but I see it as a way of handling the micing/DI thing with what is available at the unit right now.


Please vote for it if you like the idea:




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Thanks for posting this suggestion Oskar.  I voted for it. It took me two tries to get into IdeaScale but once I got there, there were a number of good ideas to vote for.  It seems to be the best way to get Line 6' ear (I think...)  Recommend other users go there and cast votes as well.  At this point, there are very few AMPLIFI users, so every vote is important -- and there are a lot of ideas that could improve this product.  AE

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