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  1. . And for the one that reused the stock JTV tuners, do you remember for what tuner size you ordered? Thanks! Oskar
  2. Question about tuners. Are you reusing the original lockable tuners? I am very close in ordering a Roasted Maple neck (reverse headstock) and I want to reuse the tuners from the original neck. Can you advise me? Thanks!
  3. I am failing in getting the FBV Express mkII to work with my iPad Air 2 running iOS 8, I am getting the "Device not supported" message. I am assuming this means that eihter the pedalboard is not really "Class complant" as Line6 says, or that Apple has changed anything in how iOS handles MIDI drivers. It is quite an important distinction since it shows where you can turn for a solution. Or, is it time to sell the board and buy something different like the McMillen SoftStep
  4. Hi guys. Has someone plugged an acoustic into Amplifi? Could you please share some experiences? I am currently owning a Taylor T5 and I want to run it in both electric and acoustic mode in the sam amp. Thanks. Oskar
  5. I am no expert, but if you look at Premier Guitars NAMM coverage, they only seem to use one mic, and pretty closely placed as well.
  6. Thanks! I was actually considering a monitor-type of solution, but was thinking an acoustic amp would help my acoustic tone. But I will definitely check this out. Thanks again!
  7. Hi, and thanks for your reply! Yes, I did, but since I want to be able to use it at home for practicing as well, and since they are almost three times the money (at least they are here in Sweden), I am looking for a smaller alternative.
  8. Hi guys. I am restructuring my gear and are considering a new amp setup. Since I use a Taylor T5 as my main guitar, with a Telecaster as a backup, and want to keep it as simple as possible, my current idea is to buy a nice acoustic amplifier (currently considering Fishman Loudbox, Vox AGA 70, Tanglewood T6 but are open to suggestions) and use a HD500(X) in front of it. By not using any amp model in my acoustic patches I believe I will have nice acoustic sounds from my guitar, but still be able to get the full Monty from the HD500 when I want to to. The portability of the acoustic amps don´t hurt either, and since most (all?)of them also have DI outputs I could use it straight into the board and use it as a monitor if the gig should need it. I find it hard to believe no-one has tried this before, so are there anyone here with any experience or meaningful input? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys. I just posted the idea that it would be nice to be able to use the speaker and the headphones jack simultaneously by having a setting in the app. The reason for this would be use the headphones signal as a balanced out directly to the board for live purposes. I know this is not the optimal signal, but I see it as a way of handling the micing/DI thing with what is available at the unit right now. Please vote for it if you like the idea: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Headphones-and-speaker-simultanously/585241-23508 /Oskar
  10. oleijon

    75 Or 150?

    Thanks a bunch! It is always nice when someone have actual experience and not just speculating. I am playing with my friends and we I am pretty sure I could hold my own with the 120, but would also like the smaller size of the 75. As of now the other two guitarists (we are three guitarists and switching bass duty so there is never more than two at the same time) use a 40W and a 60W and usually mike them if we have to. I am also thinking that the custom made 12" Celestion speaker is making the 120 sound more open and dynamic.
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