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Pod 2.0 Comes On But No Output/input Signal. Tuner Doesn't Even Work.


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I have an older 2.0 Pod that just stopped working. I have no output and the tuner doesn't even register.



If the tuner isn't registering, the unit may not be receiving any signal at all. Could be either dead cable or dead 1/4" jack on the guitar (usually just a loose solder connection). Try another cable first, if it still doesn't work, then try another guitar.  Sometimes it's the simple things...

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I'm beyond the simple things.

There is no input or output signal. Channels function ok. Did a factory reset; pod boots up to "1 A" everytime.

Lights are on but nobody's home. No buzzes like cold solder joints or bad ground.

I'm thinking it's a factory RMA that's gonna get 'er working again.

I appreciate your comments and if you think of anything else, please holler!


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