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Bpodxt Distorting

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Hi, I have a Bass Pod XT that has started to distort soon after I fire it up.  It works for a bit after being off for a while, but soon seems to overdrive and level change.  I tried the tuner with bypass on, same thing.  Updated firmware and flash memory, same thing.  Is it fried?  Any suggestions?  I hope not...picked up a good gig after a while off and I need it in a week!

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Thanks Guru.  The PS connector is cracked on the front of the input, on the board side.  I tried to pull the board out but there was one stubborn spot right in the middle I couldn't find to release it all the way from the case. I dont think that connection wasn't ever a issue though, and I I just noticed the picture hanger that was wedged in there and covered with a piece of tape ever since I got it 4 or 5 years ago.  When you say power supply, do you mean the external PS on the cord?  I have it all back together, is there a PS in the case thats fed from the cord?

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