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Pod Go, HX Stomp, POD HD X, Firehawk FX or AMPLIFi TT for my purposes

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I could really use some assistance on determining what line 6 product to purchase based on my needs...


I am looking to purchase a Line 6 product to use only as an audio interface and not for any other purpose. I do not need extra effects or anything because I want to use Amp sims and VST'S in my DAW to adjust the guitar tone.


My question is, which Line 6 product will produce the best quality processing signal when used as an audio interface. I will pay extra for a device with extra effects that I don't need if I have too because my priority here is getting the best processing signal sound.


-NOTE 1: It might make sense to use a POD STUDIO product since I am only looking to use a product as an audio interface. HOWEVER, after trying the POD STUDIO UX1 as an audio interface I thought the quality did not sound nearly as good as when I used the POD HD500X as an audio interface. Anyone know why this would be?

-NOTE 2: The only product I can't purchase is the helix because it is too expensive.


Thank you for your help.

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if your sole purpose is to hook your guitar up to your computer, there are way cheaper solutions

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