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TonePort GX Without Pod Farm?

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This is the opposite of the "can I use Pod Farm without TonePort?" question. 


A friend is interested in inexpensive digital recording. I have an old Line6 TonePort GX that I no longer use.

I always considered the Tone Port to be a dongle-with-I/O-jacks that allowed me to use the amp software. Is there a way to use it without the amp software -- just using it as a one-input audio interface? Any chance I could plug this into a USB port on a Win10 laptop, have the laptop recognize it as a interface and allow it to be used with, say, Audacity? I know people had problems using TonePorts and Pod Farm in Win 10. How much of the problem is lack of drivers as opposed to the amp software not running under Win10? Does the A/D conversion take place in the Tone Port, or in the amp sim software?

If this approach would work I'd be happy to give the TonePort to my friend, save him the cost of buying an interface and save me from having to pitch the Tone Port in the trash.

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You can use it without PF but you still need the drivers.

You can configure it via the Line6 Audio-MIDI control panel to send audio to your DAW.

You could also use PF and have an empty signal path.

Regarding Audacity, you may get better results is you compile it to include ASIO (it's a Steinberg licensing thing, Google it). 

The A/D D/A take place in the Toneport.

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