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Powercab 112 NON plus - FRFR mode and HF driver


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If I understand correctly the basic non-plus version of Powercab 112 with 6 speaker profile presets also has a FRFR mode that when activated switches OFF the HF driver?

Why does it do that? Use of FRFR mode would more often be associated with use with any remote modeller including using IR's for speaker sim within any given preset so why would we want to kill off HF?

And is there anyway of turning the HF on in FRFR mode?


(I really have no need for the Plus version)   

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10 hours ago, Belew01 said:

When you are in Flat mode, that is FRFR with HF driver.  The HF off setting is separate and is for those wanting a natural speaker sound (i.e. not using cabs or IR's.)  It gives more of the "amp in the room" sound.



Page 10 of the Line 6 manual says otherwise? 

Says its cant be adjusted or update either...

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That's referring to the speaker sims.  The standard PC 112 can only have 6 speaker sims, while the plus models get 12.  These are separate from Flat mode, which is what you want for FRFR.  It's the first setting on the PC112.  Look at a pic of the control panel on the PC 112 and you'll see Flat. 

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Belew01 -  thanks - looks like I was wrong on that and I see what you mean from the back panel -  there are FLAT and HF OFF modes. 

I am interested to hear the presets but will likely rely on my modeller for IR's so that works for me.


Appreciate the assistance here.

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