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  1. That's referring to the speaker sims. The standard PC 112 can only have 6 speaker sims, while the plus models get 12. These are separate from Flat mode, which is what you want for FRFR. It's the first setting on the PC112. Look at a pic of the control panel on the PC 112 and you'll see Flat.
  2. When you are in Flat mode, that is FRFR with HF driver. The HF off setting is separate and is for those wanting a natural speaker sound (i.e. not using cabs or IR's.) It gives more of the "amp in the room" sound.
  3. Belew01

    When to model?

    There are really no rules of when to use any of them. It's just whatever sounds best to you and what works best for your situation. For instance, I got tired of fishing for IR's that I liked, so I tried the PC speaker sims. They are all I use now. If you use the speaker sims, you can mic your PC for live use, or run direct from the PC. However, if you just want to use your PC as a monitor only, and run direct from Helix to FOH, then you would want to us IR's or Helix cabs. IR's and Helix cabs are basically the same thing, it just that the Helix cab models allow for more tweaking (mic type, distance, room reflection, etc.). Each IR you use (3rd party) has all these values fixed.
  4. Also, if you haven't already, search Powercab on customtone. There are some patches already made with amp only. Some are quite good.
  5. It won't work via USB, but you can run direct (XLR) from the PC+ and select which mic model and mic distance you want. Check out the PC+ manual page 13.
  6. See PC+ manual pages 7, 17, and 19: 12. & 13. XLR Output Jacks - Connect to a mixer's input. The output level is switchable between Line Level (+13dBu) or Mic Level (~0.0dBu) - see "Global Settings" on page 17. Global Settings These global parameters allow you to optimize the Powercab Plus system for your particular needs, whether it be for practice, on stage or in the studio. These settings are persistent (automatically saved) and not part of the preset data. 1. To view Global Settings, press and hold HOME. 2. Turn the SELECT knob to scroll up and down the Global Settings list; press SELECT to toggle between scrolling the list and setting values.
  7. Verify that your PC+ xlr output is set to line. It also has the option of mic level which is much lower.
  8. I won't disagree because everyone has a right to their opinion, but I will say that my experience is different. I too want the new control coming in 2.8, but right now I can "suffer" doing it with midi. Oh yeah, night and day to me IR vs built in cab sims. I'm slowly migrating to all built in sims. I feel they're that much better than standard IRs (for amp in room feel, if you will). I've never had a problem loading any IR, but I don't have any CabEU. Tilting an amp will definitely change the sound of any amp and/or cab, regardless of tube or digital. It's pretty much a pick your thing (tilted or not) and adjust your patch to fit. I place both of my PC+s on stands. I've never used drag and drop on the PC+ or Helix, I always select several at a time and just import them. Personally, I'd give it as much time as you can within the 30 day window before you make up your mind.
  9. There are so many things to recommend. First though, do you belong to this FB group? There is a ton of great info there if you haven't seen it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/powercab/
  10. No, I didn't submit anything because it only affects L6 Link for me. I switched to xlrs and everything is fine. I'll wait until 2.8 and see if it fixes my L6 link issue.
  11. No, currently you get a mix, I guess, of both amps even though you pan them. (I hope I can type this where it makes sense.) I found it out when I was trying to adjust the volume of each amp independently. Even when I would null the volume/output of 1 amp, there would still be output through both PC+'s. Also, it seemed that I could never get both amps to ever balance out volume wise. It was as though 1 was always quieter. So, I became curious if it was because of the L6 link. I decided to try xlr's and bam, everything works as it should. 100% hard pan, 1 amp only out of each PC+. Volume's matched perfectly as well. This is one of the statements listed in the upcoming 2.8: "PowerCab Plus remote support—Helix can now remotely adjust parameters in up to two L6 LINK-connected PowerCab Plus modeling speaker cabs. When one PowerCab Plus is connected via L6 LINK (110-ohm AES/EBU cable), it receives a mono signal from Helix; when two PowerCab Plus amps are daisy-chained via L6 LINK, the first cab in the chain receives the left signal and the second cab receives the right signal. From the Output > Multi or Output > Digital block, press PAGE > to view page 2 and turn Knob 2 (PowerCab Select) to choose which PowerCab you'd like to control (or both, for stereo)."
  12. I don't guess you really need to run both programs at the same time. Maybe depending on your application? I use the factory speaker sims in the PC+ and also have some IRs loaded. Then I just set up my Helix patches with instant commands to send midi changes for the speaker sims and/or IRs.
  13. Until 2.8 you still need midi to change the speaker models, IR's, etc on the PC+. The L6 link does make the effects stereo when using 2 PCs, but doesn't do a "true" stereo when running 2 amps together. Supposedly 2.8 will fix all of this.
  14. Knoxdaz10, use the original e-junkie link you posted above. I had to do the same thing and it worked fine.
  15. Try using FX Loop in the signal path instead of Send/Return. Also, make sure the effects loop on the H&K is active/on. I use the Grandmeister 40 in 4cm.
  16. You'll need to have presets set on the H&K, as you'll be using the HX just to switch between them. You can set up snapshots on the HX to call up any H&K preset after that. Up to 4 on the snapshots at a time on the HX I believe.
  17. I don't have the HX, but I have a Helix floor and Grandmeister 40 and this is how I do it. I'm not sure if the HX has all the same configs/menus. 1) Run a midi cable from the MIDI OUT on the HX to MIDI IN on the H&K. 2) Under global settings, have the MIDI Base Channel set to 1. 3) On your HX preset, go to Command Center. Pick one of the "lightning bolts" (Instant 1, 2 etc.). 4) Set Command to Bank/Program, MIDI Ch to 1, and the Program number will be whatever preset number you want on your Grandmeister, plus one. For example, setting Program number 0 on the HX will actually be 1 on the H&K, etc. 5) Set and save per preset and/or snapshot.
  18. I've had/have two Korean 59's and think these cases are great: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/skb-skb-56-deluxe-single-cutaway-electric-guitar-case Guitar fits perfectly and they've held up through several gigs so far.
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