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  1. I can't answer that question but I did reach out to the author. Anyone dig up any other effects or have ones to share?
  2. Thanks for the ideas everyone. I had read the manual but it didn't state anything answering what I was looking for. And @phil_m (props for HSR avatar), yeah, that's what I was thinking, but it didn't seem that anything was coming out. Put the expression pedal directly into my other pedal and it worked, through the Helix did not (so into EXP 1, and CV OUT to other pedal).
  3. If I'm not using a Helix floorboard in any way, what would this output be used for (if it can even be utilized)? Will it pass through expression pedal input? I have it connected to my patch panel, but now that I've tried to utilize it, I'm not sure if it's worth it. :/
  4. I did end up doing this and I'm somewhat happy with it, but I'm not sure I have the wiring exactly correct. Next time I re-string I'm going to try a suggestion I got from a Semour Duncan tech.
  5. I updated to 2.8.1 last night and it still happens on every boot up. I've never saved a backup, so would "reverting" to one actually work? I have 3 of my own pre-sets and 2 of them are used for send/returns.
  6. Hi, thanks for the info. Where exactly can you set that? I don't see it in the Pilot's guide. That guide just says it's a line out. "Connect to an analog mixer's input. This output is Line Level with a maximum of +13dBu."
  7. I've tried both an XLR to TS and XLR to TRS cable into my mixer and same results, super low output.
  8. What are the reset switches on the rack version of the Helix? I don't have any numbered switches like the floor version.
  9. Ok, makes sense. I only asked because a lot of the Seymour Duncan docs state that black is hot and green (and bare wire) is ground.
  10. I seem to have upgraded to 2.8.0 on my rack successfully, but every time I turn it on, I see it takes a bit of time as it "rebuilds patches". Is there more I need to do after upgrading the firmware? thanks
  11. I'm playing through a Helix into the Power Cab using the Line 6 link. I also want to record what I'm playing into my recorder. I connect the XLR output into one of the inputs of my recorder and I get extremely low output. The manual states it is line level, but the output I'm seeing is pretty weak. Is there a setting somewhere to control the gain/output level?
  12. Hi, thanks for the response. So I would put the white wire on my Hot Rails where the blue one was (W1), and black from the HR with black (W2)? Just want to make sure I'm reading that diagram correctly. What do I do w/ the green, red, and bare wires?
  13. Has anyone done this? I realize they are out of the range of recommended resistance, but I imagine this is more about tone than it working or not (hopefully?). I have found a few threads about wiring in new single coils, but not a humbucker where there was a single coil. There is a blue and black wire on the bridge pickup in the Variax (I assume that black is 'hot'). I've wired up the black wire in the HR to the black in the Variax. And I've wired up the green in the HR (with the bare as well) to the blue wire. I've also soldered the white and blue in the HR together. String it back up with 2 strings, no sound at all. Tried the opposite (green/bare to black, and black to blue) and same results. What am I doing wrong? :( Any help greatly appreciated!
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