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  1. No I'm not on facebook, but my wife is... :) I'll go sign up under her... Thanks ! I am hoping I can get a great sound... its crazy that the Tech 21 sounds better than the PC... :)
  2. Hey fellow Helix and PC owners, I have had my power cabs since they were released, I played them at low volumes when setting my helix up. I played one gig with them thinking they'd reflect my sound live.... NOT so... fizz, and trebley and brittle sounding... I recently tried tweaking them but no avail... I used to use Tech21 Powercabs and I got good sounds from them. I'm really bummed out so far and am thinking I must be missing something. For reference I normally play live Helix through a Duncan Powerstage 700 through 2 1-12 speaker cabs in stereo, they sound massive. If I play bigger venues I use my old Egnater 2-80 Tube power amp, through 2 - 2-12 mini slants in stereo which sounds amazing. I'm about ready to dump my two PC112 cabs or use them for something else because they are just horrid sounding. Can anyone clue me in to a way to get a useable sound out of them? I am thinking that I might have to disable all my speaker emulation blocks on my Helix presets to see if I can get a decent sound that way... I spent a lot for the pair, kind of glad I didn't buy the plus and have this kind of problems... For the life of me I can't get any decent dirty or overdrive tones out of these cabs with it sounding brittle harsh... anyone??? Thanks in advance... last shot before I dump the cabs, they sure look great and are convenient
  3. dexemon

    Helix Firmware 2.00

    Seems I am not the only one with an issue upgrading to 2.0 firmware. I tried to upgrade using the helix updater, version 1.09 yesterday. What happens is that it will automatically go to the screen saying the Helix update succeeded and the Helix will now reboot etc etc.. but the upgrade is not being done, its a split second and skips the updating screen. I tied to uninstall and update the helix updater/loader. reboot etc.. try various usb ports on my laptop and even swap usb cables... nothing works... any ideas? thanks ahead of time.
  4. I tried to update my helix today, using my laptop, my helix will not update, using all the current software and have installed updated drivers... do you think it has something to do with my laptop? Im using windows 10. any help would be appreciated. 1 thanks
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