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  1. Belew01 - thanks - looks like I was wrong on that and I see what you mean from the back panel - there are FLAT and HF OFF modes. I am interested to hear the presets but will likely rely on my modeller for IR's so that works for me. Appreciate the assistance here.
  2. Page 10 of the Line 6 manual says otherwise? Says its cant be adjusted or update either...
  3. If I understand correctly the basic non-plus version of Powercab 112 with 6 speaker profile presets also has a FRFR mode that when activated switches OFF the HF driver? Why does it do that? Use of FRFR mode would more often be associated with use with any remote modeller including using IR's for speaker sim within any given preset so why would we want to kill off HF? And is there anyway of turning the HF on in FRFR mode? (I really have no need for the Plus version)
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    What's going on here ? - Forthcoming bug fixes ?
  6. Yeah, but I have seen worse. LB specs out well but just doesnt yet work intuitively to be a serious live device. I like to be able to retain my loops (so not happening on a Boomerang) but also need it to not totally wipe out the creative process. The LB has had one firmware upgrade plus a beta that adds a great deal but it still feels unfinished and somehow clunky. I guess if I really worked at it I might get some satisfaction but its a fight I cant yet be bothered with. If however HeadRush put some serious work into it it could be fantastic - concern is that the reviews have already buried it. Consequently I am not rushing into an Aeros - need to see some consistency but as agreed there is nothing like (trial) ownership to really know if its right. A looper seems to be such a simple thing but botched more often than not.
  7. Yep this ^. I have tried many & considered all. The HeadRush might if revised thru firmware get there but there are timing anomalies and something unintuitive about it as it stands. The hardware is good (if you are OK with big) but its not there yet. I am not sure I am yet ready to gamble again but am watching this Aeros closely.
  8. Some very mixed reviews by actual owners (Thomann) but room for some optimism that this may yet develop into a decent product. The now ancient RC-300 still is in many ways best all-rounder IMO. ckbcowboy - I am VERY interested to hear how you get on with the Aeros - any pros & cons as you get familiar with it?
  9. I got the distinct impression that if MIDI tempo sync wasn't designed in at the outset it was a lollipop (female dog) to add it retrospectively - this from another similar product... I put this in as a feature request as soon as the Helix was released. No joy. But I could still really use it. Headrush has MIDI sync in and out but its more of a Headache than a Headrush. Boomerang sounds best option but its a little limited to live performance with no ability to save & recall. One day the perfect Looper will appear but it doesn't seem to have shown up just yet.
  10. I have tried a G10 and G10S and I cant get a reliable connection over 20m. The TX and RX have line of sight but through a double glazed (non-metalized) sealed unit. I have tried re-positioning the base and different fixed channels and killed off any other nearby wireless but the signal quality with constant breaks is unusable. Realistically is, for example, a G75 likely to be up to the job?
  11. Yeah sure cruisinon2 , the results would not hold up in a court of law but that really wasn't the naive idea you critique. And true, not everybody wants to say they screwed-up and rushed at the upgrade in maniacal excitement for a change in revision number without reading the instructions properly - personally if I screw up I take responsibility for it.... but maybe that's not for everyone. But hey, we are all different there will be a few with science degrees and a few that cant read so well and that's how it is. A good upgrade should address a spread of capability. We all understand that on a forum such as this, and pretty much every other on the www, its natural we expect to see the complaints more so than the quiet successes. I was simply wondering how many successes (define how you like BTW but for me its a post upgrade functionally effective Helix) there have been. I reckon its probably quite a few but who knows? Lets just stay with the moaning & groaning and some constructive solutions.
  12. this could make an interesting poll? Try and quantify how many had a problem with a shift to 2.80 / 2.81 and how many of them maintain they carefully followed the instructions and maybe on what platform ( Win / Mac). Try and get a measure of success as well as the more (quite reasonably) well publicised disaster areas.
  13. You're welcome - it's an odd one that I still can't figure out why it would stop an update but it happens. Glad I mentioned it.
  14. Nah, go for it... make it 5 in 5 days. Look after them they won't loose much - might even gain value. Unlike any tech which is out-of-date a few years later... I tried a Variax, didn't much like it, and decided it was way more fun to just get one of each model (bar the banjo). You can't take it with you - enjoy your retirement (semi or otherwise)
  15. Thanks for both replies. I can probably manage with 10's but 9s would definitely suit me better. psarkissian - you are saying the mag humbucker is pulling the strings? I will try dropping that a little. I am giving myself 24 hours to decide whether to return it or not - this isn't an easy decision. If I can't get the alternate tunings sounding OK i.e. without the warble that sounds more like a 1970s transposer unit I don't think I can live with it. I dont really hear warble with any of the models in standard tuning - this definitely the same thing? I just attached an example - unprocessed - T Model - user tuning A string - warbleA.wav Appreciate your help.
  16. Thanks - it just arrived today anyway! Feels rather chunky in my hands - I am used to slimmer stuff but its not that uncomfortable - I think I can live with it. Models all very usable and the general feel of it is good but really not sure about the warbly stuff when using different Variax tunings... Not noticed the plinks yet tho. I guess I need to dig into some research here. And could I possibly get way with 009's is that going to be "warble plus"?!
  17. Any chance of answer to this from a current owner? Or even Line 6? I would love to know....
  18. Just a reminder (cos I forgot between updates....!) that if you get repeated failures with applying the update then check you haven't got MIDI In (5 pin) connected. Leaving a MIDI in connected stops the update dead - remove it - worked first time! Maybe next time I will remember this myself....
  19. Just now I struggled to get the updated firmware on to my Helix and was immediately getting an error generated as the update starts (this leaves a blank screen on Helix requiring a power cycle).This has happened before (2.3) and I believe(d) was attributable to internally shared usb on my laptop. Tried all ports having unplugged any peripherals but there is still internal sharing going on - not that unusual in laptops. Tried different cables , everything.... I then inadvertently made just one additional modification and shutdown an incoming 5 pin MIDI signal (from a rhythm gen) into Helix (tempo LED FS switched from blue to red as you would expect) - next time I tried the update procedure it worked first time. Nothing else changed. Yep, that seems bizarre and perhaps just a coincidence, but keep it in mind if anyone else is having a hard time with the updater starting & failing in a similar manner.
  20. Interesting post. And good to keep it away from product bashing - they both have a good deal of merit. Is it a "downgrade"? Its less $ but.... I still own both (AX-8 and a Helix). #1 "organic" bit of an odd word but if I read realistic or maybe natural I agree the AX-8 still to me sounds "better" (where better = more suited to my playing / ears) #2 Usability - Helix wins by a long way (we all know why) and using Behringer’s FCB 1010 is excrutiating ( I sold mine) - its great value for money but..... But I have my AX-8 set just how I like it married to a FC-300 and it does what I want without a fight. #3 AX Edit works good for me - not sure whats not to like but personal prefs again I have a couple of amps in Helix I use a lot (Badonk, Archon, plus a couple of cleans) adore the recent Cosmos delay and it is an almost perfect hardware control interface. They are different - but I'll spoil myself and keep both. But if I had to choose I am still with the sound of the AX-8. But it is getting closer as Helix develops.
  21. The HIGHLIGHT of the upgrade. A very usable emulation of the fabulous Space Echo. Thanks Line 6 and you have this over on Fractal ;)
  22. Thanks - nice & clear. And very fair. A definite purchase then.
  23. I presume a single purchase of a Helix Native license is good to be installed on a couple of different PC's owned by me? Can't seem to find license terms...
  24. Um yeah, bet that's not straightforward! There presumably is a VAT content in there. Can only ask Line 6 direct. seeems a bit odd purchase is only USD
  25. It does help - thanks. I think there is more than half a chance this will feel OK to me. I am fairly sure the JTV69 would not suit me - my favoured necks are ESP and a slim taper SG - both thin but to me really comfortable. I will be giving a Shuriken a try very soon. Thanks again.
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