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Amplifi FX100 problem on updating firmware


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Hi Line 6 community,

I recently had a problem on updating the firmware of my Amplifi FX100. I was updating the firmware and suddenly the power supply was accidentaly cut off during the update. All of the footswitch just keep on blinking and I cannot able to connect it through my phone and use the fx as well. Can anyone help me on this situation, or how can I able to reset it.


A big thanks for your help.



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I just wanted to share the solution that the Line 6 Support gave me. Here's what I did.

  1. Install Line 6 Updater on my computer.
  2. Go to
  3. Select the latest driver for my Aplifi FX100 to install on my computer. The current driver version at this time is version
  4. Connect my computer to my FX 100 using a USB cable.
  5. Boot the FX100 in update mode by pressing footswitches A & C and then power up the unit. All lights will go on and stay on once it's powered up.
  6. Launch Line 6 Updater on my computer.
  7.  I was able to see Amplifi FX100 under the "Select device to update" as shown in the attached screenshot. Click it. 
  8. Choose the latest firmware version to install and click the "Update" button.
  9. The update took less than a minute to complete. Much much much faster than doing over Bluetooth!

I hope this would help someone that runs into the same problem.


Line 6 Updater.png

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