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Ian Chrichton Tone?

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Hello All,  anyone have a patch for a Ian Chrichton type tone? He is the guitarist for a Canadian Band called Saga 

This is the type of tone im looking for, from what i've read he uses a Diezel amp and 4 x12 combo and a Superstrat type guitar not much info out there 




Thanks all for time and sharing your Input/thoughts 

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He might use Diezel amps now but they didn't exist when the song was recorded in 1983 so I don't think that's a path worth following. 


I dunno, it just kind of sounds like a Roland Jazz Chorus with some studio delay with a relatively short delay time, not Haas-effect short but shorter than slapback. I'm not at home so I can't experiment but I'd think 80ms would be a good starting point. 

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