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Using Usb From Pod And M-audio Soundcard

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Trying to configure to use both.

Running my guitar thru my pod to computer,USB.

Would like to also use the m-audio soundcard but it seems I can only choose ethier or.

I have heard of a setting in asio4all that will the allow my USB connection to appear.


Thanks in advance!!

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The ASIO protocol requires that the same audio device be used for input and output; you can't use both under true ASIO.


Asio4all is a non-ASIO compliant implementation that claims to allow you to use different devices. It works for some, but in many cases it causes problems when used with true ASIO devices like the Line 6 devices. It is not supported by Line 6. Use at your own risk.


If you want to use your M-audio device with your POD, disconnect the pod USB and connect its analog audio outputs to your m-audio inputs.

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Thanks for the heads up!

I usually use the sp/dif but want to use the pod monkey editor in conjunction with reaper

Ya saved me a day of finding work arounds.


Really not sure why I needed it. Just didn't like that I couldn't.


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