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Pod Go and reaper


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Hi guys :D so i was wondering how well the Pod Go and reaper get along when it comes to the sounds I can get? Are there any tips to be able to get a particular sound  and make sure it sounds like that after rendering? I am a newbie in this recording world haha any insight is appreciated :D cheers

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Well the thing is that Reaper (and in general any daw) doesn't do "sounds", and is not more or less compliant to whatever device. A daw is just a platform, doesn't sound good or bad. The only thing you need is to install ine 6 drivers onto your pc, and in Reaper preferences (audio devices) select the line 6 pod go audio interface.

Then, I would suggest to carefully read the pod go manual section where it tells you about daw and computer recording.

Then, if you need a Reaper basic start tutorial, check out some youtube videos, like this one:https://youtu.be/JwDcTPn2dvc


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