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Dt-25 Effects Loop Bypassed When Using Xlr Out?


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Where did you post your list of amps with and w/o boost? I am real curious to compare with my own 'list'.


DT 25 'standlone' (firmware v2.0) Amp models with "Boost ON" by default:


- Gibtone 185

- Tweed Bassman Normal

- Tweed Bassman Bright

- Divided 9/15

- Phd Motorway

- Class A-30

- Brit J-45 Normal

- Brit J-45 Bright

- Brit Plexi 100 Normal

- Brit Plexi 100 Bright

- Brit P-75 Normal

- Brit P-75 Bright

- Brit J-800

- Bomber Uber

- Treadplate

- Angel F-Ball

- Line 6 Elektrik

- Line 6 Doom


DT 25 'standlone' (firmware v2.0) Amp models with "Boost OFF" by default:


- Blackface Double Normal

- Blackface Double Vib

- Hiway 100

- Super O

- Blackface 'Lux Normal

- Blackface 'Lux Vib

- Class A-15

- Flip Top Bass

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Seems to match what the HD amps select in the DT when they are used in path A. You don't mention the Solo-100's and Line 6 Epic. On my list they do not select boost.


Too bad Line 6 does not provide a builtin amp model in the HDs that selects Type II or IV with boost off. If they did, one would not need the extra MIDI connection to the DTs to select a boost of choice for every amp type.


Maybe an amp in the add-on package does? Line 6 may not have thought of the DTs when they made them and left boost off by accident ?-). 


Thanks for sharing. Things start to gel in terms how those DTs actually route signals and what options truly exist.


By the way, did you notice that Presence actually change power amp tone (independent of what the preamp does) when set above 50% (except for Type III amp types)?

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