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amplifi75 can use Neural dsp??


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Hi Hosukgun,


What I have done with my Amplifi to use with my other effects processor board is replace the 1A tone with a custom tone I created called FRFR (Full Range Frequency Response). In the tone I have turned off all effects and amps except reverb (which is on but set to 0 by default). This gives me the ability to use all my pedal board's effects with no Amplifi tones interfering with the sound, and I can simplify reverb simply by turning the knob on my amp to the level ideal to the situation I'm in. I used this setup when I was a guitarist in the orchestra for Mamma Mia in January and February this year and it worked flawlessly. 


I believe a similar setup may work for you, however I am not sure what the latency for the Neural DSP plugin will be like with the Amplifi. I am interested to see how it works out for you because I have been tossing up getting some plugins for a while, to use with my line 6 gear.


Hopefully this helps for you!



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