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Pod Go not working as audio interface on Mac

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I have just unboxed my new Pod Go and started exploring what it can do. One of the first things I tried was hooking it up to my MacBook to record some stuff into Garageband. But I can not seem to get it working. All I am hearing when playing are loud synthetic beeps.


  • Pod Go is connected through the USB port to the mac
  • I just updated to the latest firmware
  • When playing through the headphone jack or main out from the Go everything sounds fine
  • I have selected Pod Go as the input device in Mac OS.
  • In Garageband, I have set up a single "audio" track for recording, and chosen channels 1+2 as input
  • A "soundwave" shows up when recording, but it looks all blocky and nothing like a natural sound signal


Is there some other setting/config I am missing? If not, what would be the next steps for troubleshooting?


Cheers \Knut

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I advise not to use the Pod Go as your OS sound device and as a DAW sound device simultaneously.

In your DAW (GarageBand), go to preferences and choose the Pod Go as your input sound device. Set your recording channel to Inputs 1&2.

This will instruct the Pod Go to use USB sends 1 & 2 to your track.

You do not mention if you are using another sound device to monitor playback from GarageBand - are you?

If yes, then make sure that in preferences you choose the Pod Go as your input and your regular sound card as the output.


Let me know how things go :-)

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