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  1. BIg Sur will not help. Get a Thunderbolt hub with USB on it.
  2. Sounds more like a cheap usb cable. I doubt very much it is the OS. What OS are you on?
  3. I have the Harley Benton 212A FRFR. It sounds amazing with the Pod Go. Stereo FRFR - amazing!
  4. I advise not to use the Pod Go as your OS sound device and as a DAW sound device simultaneously. In your DAW (GarageBand), go to preferences and choose the Pod Go as your input sound device. Set your recording channel to Inputs 1&2. This will instruct the Pod Go to use USB sends 1 & 2 to your track. You do not mention if you are using another sound device to monitor playback from GarageBand - are you? If yes, then make sure that in preferences you choose the Pod Go as your input and your regular sound card as the output. Let me know how things go :-)
  5. I am a professional guitarist, singer, songwriter, studio engineer and producer. I am creating custom high quality IRs and Presets for the Pod Go and would like to know who to contact regarding getting my Presets and IRs on the Line6 Market Place. Can anyone help please? Regards, Adrian Swift
  6. From what the manual says regarding MIDI, the PG can receive for example, midi messages from an iPad running OnSong or similar so that when changing from one song to another, you can program the PG to change presets.
  7. Kamaroon

    Helix and Amplifi

    I would use the mini jack in to the Ampfili, as this input bypasses the pre amp stage straight to the slave amp. This works as FRFR, due to the fact that the signal of the Helix is injected directly to the stereo signal sent out to the 5 way speaker system of the Amplifi. I set the Helix at 12 o’clock and use the master volume on the amp for stage volume. No problems, and the stereo image of FX from the Helix are maintained.
  8. I have the Variax 700 and I need to replace the onboard Digital cable connector that sits next to the TRS jack input. I managed to order one, but it was the wrong model. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated, as the guitar is otherwise in perfect condition.
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