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Using real Amp, GRENADE warning


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So I am planning on using my new helix on stage in front of an MT15 amp and a 2-12 cabinet.   With the 4 cable method, I have chosen to use a Helix modelled preamp for certain sounds.  Everything sounds great.  And when you use the joystick to highlight the pre-amp block, you can turn the dial to audition other pre-amps.  That's really cool, BUT, if you aren't careful, and you turn that dial one too far, the block goes right into the POWER AMP models, and you will destroy your ears and possibly your amp and cabinet.  Likewise, if you click the joystick and go into the full menu, moving up and down the menu on the right pane hot auditions as you go.  This is super dangerous.  I have to remember to dial the big volume knob down to zero before each click of the wheel, just in case I accidentally get into the power amp section.  This defeats the whole purpose of being able to wheel through the pre-amp models.  The only workaround I can think of is to go into the defaults and turn the output to 0.1 an all of the Power Amps and Combos.   


I would request that a future Helix update make it so that if you are at the home page of a preset, that highlighting a block and them turning the effect wheel would NOT allow you to change CATEGORIES of effects when you go past the top or bottom of the list.  It should instead loop back to the other end of the SAME category of effect.   (I'm not sure how to submit user there somewhere else I should post this? I shook the house pretty hard a few times already, and my ears are still ringing)

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Wrong forum. This is where you go if you're serious about suggestions for changes and improvements:

Before posting a new idea, please search to see if it's already been proposed. If 100 people vote on the same idea presented 20 different ways, it looks like only 5 people care about it!

Also, post your ideas one at a time. I for one NEVER vote for multple combined suggestions.

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