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Looper Issue With 500x - Help!


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As usual - sorry if this has been answered.... Flick me the thread.


I'm having an issue with the looper in pre/post mode. I've never had an issue before. Put it in post - record, out of the looper, change patch and play overt heron over the new sound.


But now the original is insanely louder when I switch to a new sound (as per. The instruction manual but it says the following....


Note: If you record your Loop in POST mode and then switch to PRE for Loop playback, this results in the current Amp+FX to be applied to the Loop playback (where the Loop was already recorded with Amp+FX applied). Be aware that this can cause the Loop playback to be significantly louder!



I'm not recording in post and then switching to pre...... So what gives????



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Bear in mind that what it says on the screen is what it will change to when you hit the button.


If the screen says Post, you're in Pre.


If the screen says Pre, you're in Post.


I've been caught out by this before.


It's not a "defect"'s a "feature", lol



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