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Question on a Wet/dry setup


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Hello all, just looking for info and clarification on this type of setup

Is there an advantage to setting up a rig of this type which would of course require getting another Powercab 

but from what I’ve read most use à Wet/dry/wet setup which requires 3 FRFR, which would not be ideal for my area and my budget 

so would there be an advantage to using a 2 Powercab system in a Dry/ Wet setup ?

thank you  all for your input

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Well interestingly enough, there is a video posted today that might give you something to think about - but it's using normal tube amps - and that makes the rest of this discussion in Helix land a bit different - be sure to get past half way for a wet dry setup.



The rig Aynsley ends up with (assuming he ever gets it under control) is built around a Tube amp he like to drive hard and back off the volume on his guitar.

The negative for him is if he has a delay set up just right when he's on 3, as he turns up the guitar his delay goes up and gets distorted too - so Mic's solution is  second amp in a wet/dry setup.

It seems they both think this sounds way better and more expansive.  So essentially that is something you could duplicate in Helix land with 2 cabs.

Now is that better than stereo?

Well it is if you are using tube amps without effects sends as you want your effects to be mostly clean/cleaner.

But I'd argue, the width this gives is a result mostly of what I'll call "movement".

As you can solve all the other issues of distortion levels messing with your delays and other post effects in the Helix, it's the width you get from movement that makes this rig appealing.

You can do all that with the Helix stereo effects.  It is all about getting a difference - mostly varying in some way like modulation from side to side - often discussed as phase relationship between the stereo pair.

Anyhow, you can totally duplicate what they do in this video with 2 cabs, but I suspect cleaver use of stereo is better and more flexible once you think that what you are looking for is some sonic difference that probably modulates between the stereo pair.

Go 2 cabs - I run stereo - it's not so obvious for 80% of my sounds because they need to be tight and fit into the band - but here and there I get to take a good sized chunk of the sonic spectrum - and then the stereo is bliss.

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