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FREE EJ Inspired Preset 1.1 for HX STOMP


Thanks for checking this out! Tackling such a legendary tone is always a work in progress! 


Here are some details and tips for using this preset I built:


Footswitch 1 - For dirty rhythm tones

Footswitch 2 - For lead tone (use bridge PU and roll off tone)

Footswitch 3 - Option to add chorus to clean sound


(Extras: Footswitch 5 is delay on/off)


My tip for setting this preset to your guitar’s output level: Go to the clean setting on the preset, go to your bridge pickup and hit it hard, try to get the slightest amount of breakup. If you need more or less, adjust it from the GAIN on the AMP block. (I had to turn up my Strat to at least 6.5 on the AMP block GAIN)


Remember - the lead sound is meant to be used with the bridge pickup of the guitar with the tone knob rolled down. You will have to experiment with how much. (For me on my PRS it is about half way) - You are looking to remove the “stringiness” from the tone to get the smooth overdrive sound. (Stratocasters are NOT wired this way by default for some reason - for strats I think it’s way more useful to have tone control over the bridge and neck pickups rather than the middle and neck) 



Try the two above tips before trying to adjust any of the EQ on the pedal or amp blocks. 


A lot of EJ’s tone also comes from his hands, his articulation choices, his vibrato, and his picking strategy (economy picking). - Not to mention his crazy amp and pedal switching setup. 


This patch was built for HX Stomp (in mono) so it is minimal compared to what I could do to simulate EJ’s rig and tone using more DSP and blocks. 


For HX Stomp users - there is a bonus open block slot to add a lower DSP effect of your choice like compressor, delay, reverb, modulation, fx loop, volume pedal, wah, etc. 


If there was more processing power I would use the new poly sustain to get the live “Cliffs of Dover” freeze delay sound (this would be something to add for anyone using larger Helix models). I would also have a stereo option for the patch as well as try to recreate his Fuzz lead sound. 


If you dial it in take a video and tag me! 


I’ll continue making free presets and I’ll also have preset packs for sale soon.


Follow me on Instagram and YouTube  if you’re interested in keeping up to date with those! 


I am available for online private guitar/music lessons and I can also make custom designed presets and tones for you and your guitar/gear - feel free to contact me! I also can do recording remotely from my home studio. 


If you want to make a donation for the preset I have a venmo account.


Thanks for the support! - David Feily Music

FREE EJ 1.1 - DF.hlx

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