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Best way to A-B a PodGo with Studio Monitors and 4x12 Cabinet


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Just wondering if anyone has a good way of connecting the PodGo to both a pair of Mackie Studio Monitors AND a 4x12?  I just want to seamless switch between the studio monitors and the 4x12 Cab and do an A-B test to decide tonally which one I prefer, instead of unhooking everything each time.


My current setup is the following,


1) PodGo Main Out left/right output to the pair of CR-X Mackie Studio Monitors (Yes I know these are 'multimedia monitors' but that's all I can afford)

2) 4x12 Cab an amp head with an effects loop


I would usually connect the PodGo in the effects loop of the amp head with 4-cable-method and turn off the cab simulation in this setup.



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Issue is that with the monitors you do want to use the cab block of the Go, but since your 4x12 is a cab, in theory you wouldn't want to have your cab block turned on in the Go.


There's an option so that one of the outputs of the go not output the cab and everything afterwards, but then if you have ex; a reverb after your cab, you would not hear the reverb which kinda sucks.  Soo... You would have to arrange your patches so that the cab is always the last block of your chain, then you could have two outputs; one to the Mackie's outputting hte full chain, and the other to the 4x12. 


But, then you'd have both playing at the same time, to only have 1 playing at a time and being able to switch quickly between both ...  No idea besides turning on/off the monitors and the cab! (cab via footswich or some other way..).  Don't think you can do 'everything' easily via Go.  Maybe if you had a stereo A/B switcher pedal you could output go to switch pedal and then connect A/B to mackie and cab, allowing you to switch via footswitch!


something like this;


But I'm not 100% sure how the Go would handle the Stereo for Monitors vs Amp which takes a mono signal... You might just get left or right output for cab?  Or, there's likely an adapter to go from stereo to mono; yep;  "1-4-in-stereo-female-to-1-4-in-mono-male-adapter" that should work lol


Or, just KISS, output both signals, turn on/off your monitors and amp via their power switch lol

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