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Stomp Output Issue


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Hello there!


First time poster here. I've had my stomp for about a year now and just recently there started to be problems with the output when using the unit as an audio interface. Any outputs from the USB cord end up with a clipping, buzzing type of noise. This only happens when listening to music, playing a game, etc. Does not happen to the output of my guitar, just the USB. It happens through both the speaker and headphone outputs. I'm on the latest version and have tried factory resetting. Any ideas what's going on here or what I can do? Thanks!

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What OS? What kind of computer?  Does it happen from the time you first connect everything or does it start suddenly after working fine for a bit?


Could be a grounding/ground loop issue. If it's a laptop unplug it from power and let it run off the battery. If the noise stops it's usually a ground loop.


You might also try a different USB cable. I've had issues with brand new USB cables only to pull one of my 10 year old printer and have it work flawlessly.


You might also try a different USB port on the computer.  If it's a desktop connect it to one of the rear USB ports if it's connection to a front port.


I use Windows primarily and any time I use a USB audio interface there are a couple things that I always do.   First I always disable any onboard audio devices. I also go into the Device Manager and under the USB controllers and uncheck the option to allow the computer to turn off the device. This is under the Power Management tab and usually the USB Hubs(what your Stomp is likely connected to).


But really, a little more info about your setup would be helpful in trouble shooting.



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@soblivion Hey sorry for the late response to this. I'm working off of a windows 10, no particular brand. It starts as soon as I try to listen to anything coming out of USB. It seems like the noise only happens at certain frequencies. I tried a new USB cable and port and it made no difference. All of the other sound devices are disabled. I dont see an option to uncheck allowing the computer to turn the device off or a power management tab. I don't think these are the issues though. 


A little more info about my set up-

Stomp plugged into Windows10 via USB. KRK Rokits as output. Noise comes through headphones and speakers, but only the output from the USB. If I play clean guitar tones I dont hear the noise but if I record the same guitar tone and play it back, I hear the noise. If export the recording and listen on another device, I still hear the noise meaning it's not just the output that's effected.  

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