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  1. I've been doing what you are proposing to do for about a year now. It's rare that when I'm at home that I actually pull out my Helix(LT) hardware. Helix Native is my bedroom amplifier. Helix LT now is for jamming with friends and playing gigs. I'm using the Focusrite Scarlett Solo and it does a decent job. My latency is low enough that I feel comfortable with it. As others have said, there are a number of things to do to optimize your system for low latency. I usually run Native in Reaper. I'm not much into recording but if I get an idea or cool riff I think is worth saving I can punch record and export said riff/idea. I also use Reapers click for practicing. Currently I'm using an 8th Gen i5 processor and have 16GB ram, but prior to that I ran it on an older machine with much lower specs(older i3 w/ 8GB ram). Main difference is now I can "noodle" on the guitar while doing other internet related things. On my old system it ran fine so long as I wasn't trying to heavily multi-task. I also use it to create patches that I use on my LT. My monitoring system is a little different so I still have to tweak the patches after I've transferred them, but I've gotten pretty proficient at it. Honestly, this has become one of my favorite aspects of HX.
  2. Yeah, I am. I actually heard some time ago that that they where more active on other forums, but just recently checked it out. I was actually looking for info on an unrelated topic and stumbled across some of the Metallurgy threads. I'm not too fussed about it. I've been more that content with my Helix LT when I got it nearly 5 years ago. Every update it's gotten since I acquired it has been a bonus. It does more than I'll ever need it to do, and if it never saw another update, I'd stilled be more than content. That said, I'm really diggin' the new Metallurgy plugins. If they do bring some of the new stuff to Helix, that would be great, but if not, I'm fine with that too.
  3. The new L6 Metallurgy amps, I think will make their way into the Helix. This is based on information I have gathered elsewhere(not on these forums). I have recently learned that there are other forums on the interwebs where several Line 6 personal are actually quite active. I'm not sure what the rules are here for specifying or linking other sites, but they aren't hard to find. I'll also say, while they are active, they still don't give direct answers. They do, however, give hints, and from a particular thread from the aforementioned forums I think they are going to introduce some of the new features of the Metallurgy plugin to Helix. What and how soon? No clear answers there. While I tend to agree with this sentiment, the OP is referring to an amp that is in the one of the newest Line 6 products that also has several other HX amps included. Yeah, what up with that? Not cool.
  4. I know when I did the update on my LT, I thought my back didn't work correctly and it turns out I was trying to restore from my Native backup. I didn't catch that the 2 backups had different file extensions. Of course restoring my from Native backup gave wonky results as it didn't restore my favorites or IRs. I'm not with my Helix or Native at the moment so I can't explain what I did incorrectly in detail, but basically what fixed my issue is restoring my backup from the main File menu in HX Edit vs clicking the little gear in the lower left of the screen and restoring from the dialog and appears. Anyways, I thought there was an issue with the backup created as part of the upgrade process, but it was actually user error.
  5. Yes, the toe switch is not required. It can be set to activate after a determined amount of travel in the pedal. I'm not sure about that particular pedal with with the HX FX. I use my expression pedal with an LT. Mine is an old Crybaby I've modded, there's a thread about it here: I did stuff a spring in the toe to make it spring loaded. So it's working exactly in the fashion that you are inquiring about. It performs great and is very solid. Been using it for years now.
  6. I have been running W11 on one of my PC's . I"ve been using it since pre-release/Beta. So far as I can tell it's basically windows 10 with a facelift. I ran HX Edit with no problem. Also duplicated my Reaper/Focusrite/HX Native installs on it . Everything ran fine. Because it is so new, I didn't really tweak the system in the same way I would win10 for optimum audio performance, but I feel like I could have with no issues. Ultimately, however, I did have a major issue with the computer that forced a reinstall of the OS. It was un-related to any of the software I was running on it to the best of my knowledge. I'm currently back to using my win10 system, but for the couple months I used it, win11 worked fine with the Line6 software and hardware I tried with it.
  7. I also experienced this with my LT. Ultimately my solution was an external expression pedal that I use for pitch stuff(I actually only use it for about 3 songs in my band) and wah. I use the onboard expression for other functions that really never need the full travel of the onboard pedal.
  8. That does really suck.....but, I don't think there is a musician alive that hasn't had some sort of "technical difficulty" occur while on stage. I've had catastrophic failures with tube amps, pedal boards, guitars....etc. Luckily, depending on the gig, I've been able to push on through with varying success. I've been to concerts by major performers, national acts, and seen them have issues. It happens. I"ve had the LT since almost from the time that they were first available. I've played a fair number of shows in the middle of the day contending the blistering Texas heat (Nearing 100 degrees F). Fortunately I've never had any show stopping experiences. It's worked like a champ. I do have to agree with @SaschaFranck, visibility is an issue in such conditions, but I've learned to deal with it. I have had experiences with the LT where it's performance was less than stellar. I had a gig where the expression pedal was "glitching" causing my wah to activate on it's own. I've only experienced it once and only at one venue....since then, never had the issue again. I really think it was an issue with the power source I was given, but I don't know. When I got it home, I set it all up and tried to duplicate the issue and couldn't. All that said, I'm not trying to downplay what happened to you, really not. It's just that these things happen. It could have been any number of things that caused your Helix to behave badly. Really sorry it ruined your experience. Hopefully your future experiences are positive.
  9. I would guess that faulty power could definitely be the culprit. A couple weeks back I played a gig I had an issue with my LT where the wah, normally controlled by an external expression pedal, was engaging itself with no interaction from me. When I got home and hooked everything up, the problem was gone and hasn't returned since. I later found out that there were power issues on my side of the stage.
  10. soblivion

    Deep Edit

    What device are you using? If it's the Stomp you won't have a 2nd signal path(I think, I don't own it so correct me if I'm wrong). If it's any of the bigger units, Floor, Rack or LT you simply route the end of the path to 2A which effectively doubles your processing power.
  11. I gutted an old crybaby and put in a dunlop 10k pot, wired it up and it's been working great for years now. It's connected with a standard TS patch cable. Even crammed a spring in the toe so it does the "spring loaded" thing. Here's a diagram for the wiring I used:
  12. I've had the LT for about 4 years now. I've not had any issues with the pedal. For the first couple years I used only onboard pedal. Later I did add an external expression pedal that I use mostly for wah and pitch/whammy stuff. I only mention that because now it gets the most abuse and I use the onboard pedal for more subtle effects. Anywho, I've had zero problems with it and I use it on a pretty regular basis.
  13. I really dig this. I'm also interested in what you used to get this sound. I'm with themetallikid, I like to see how others build their sounds.
  14. soblivion

    Wah tone

    I believe you can just add a wah block just like any other effect and tune it how you like it. I just tried it in Helix native and it worked fine.But I don't have any sort of controller connected. I think(not sure) if you add a wah on the Helix hardware itself it does assign itself to an expression pedal by default. I would guess you would just need to un-assign it from the expression pedal. Maybe I'll play with it(I have the LT) and check it out. P.S. Big Zappa fan myself. He definitely did have some very cool "cocked wah" tones.
  15. On my lead patches, I use the on-board expression pedal to adjust the mix of delay. When I rock it forward it adds more delay to the mix. The pedal can be configured to adjust any parameter of any block or even multiple parameters across different blocks (as HonestOpinion already explained). I have an external, spring loaded expression pedal that I use almost solely for wah/pitch stuff.
  16. What OS? What kind of computer? Does it happen from the time you first connect everything or does it start suddenly after working fine for a bit? Could be a grounding/ground loop issue. If it's a laptop unplug it from power and let it run off the battery. If the noise stops it's usually a ground loop. You might also try a different USB cable. I've had issues with brand new USB cables only to pull one of my 10 year old printer and have it work flawlessly. You might also try a different USB port on the computer. If it's a desktop connect it to one of the rear USB ports if it's connection to a front port. I use Windows primarily and any time I use a USB audio interface there are a couple things that I always do. First I always disable any onboard audio devices. I also go into the Device Manager and under the USB controllers and uncheck the option to allow the computer to turn off the device. This is under the Power Management tab and usually the USB Hubs(what your Stomp is likely connected to). But really, a little more info about your setup would be helpful in trouble shooting.
  17. I have a Scarlet interface as well. The gain knobs have little circles around it that light up as you send a signal to it. They light green when detecting a signal and red when clipping. The way I set my levels is start at zero and play while slowly raising the gain slowly, when you see the lights go red, back it off until it doesn't. Depending on different factors, they may be best if set at zero and clip if raised at all. I only set to Inst if I'm plugging my guitar/bass directly into the interface.
  18. You said that you are connecting via Return 1 and 2? What if you connect to "Guitar In"? Do you get a signal then? Honestly, I've never used the Returns on my LT but I'd assume that your preset would have to have a loop in it or the Returns would need to be put somewhere in the signal chain. I'd assume if it was working before you have done this, but I figured I'd mention it.
  19. Saw this somewhere else on these forums: "If your Helix ends up in a bad state due to a failed firmware update, first perform a factory reset by holding footswitches 9+10 (Helix/LT) or encoders 5+6 (Rack) during boot up. Then reboot and enter update mode by holding down footswitches 6+12 (Helix/LT) Make sure to try this out on multiple computers in case of poor USB connections." Now, that post is from 2015, so it may no longer be an option. I just know some time back I had an issue updating and used the "update mode" switches to fix it. That said, I updated this time around using the updater and had zero issues. Edit: The page I got that info from was here: Looks like the original post was in 2015, but it must have been updated to add info for the STOMP and FX.
  20. I'm not familiar at all with the stomp, but I have the LT and after doing the update it changed my button assignments from snaps to presets. My guess is something similar happened on your stomp. In regards to the update itself, I'm happy with it. The update procedure was painless and quick on both LT and Native. I do have to agree with SaschaFranck in regards to the poly stuff. What little I played with definitely had "the warbles" and other artifacts. I don't use that sort of thing much so it really doesn't bother me. It's entirely possible that I don't know what I'm doing and don't know how to implement it. I also to agree with SaschaFranck also in regards to tuning. Half my guitars are in Eb, does that mean I can't use it? That doesn't make sense to me. But I'll reserve judgement until I educate myself better on the subject. So far its the new Horizon Drive is what has me most excited. I can see it replacing the TS 808 in alot of my existing patches. Oh, and a tuner in Native! That's also a big plus.
  21. If, by chance, the computer is a laptop unplug the laptop from power and allow it to run off the battery. If the noise goes away then it's likely a ground loop. This is a fairly common problem with this type of equipment. Unplugging your laptop isn't really a solution, just a trouble shooting step. There's a lot of information out there on dealing with ground loops. I had a similar issue, unfortunately I don't remember what I did to fix it. I believe I plugged one of the devices in the system to a different power outlet.
  22. I owned a JCM 900 years ago and from my recollection there really is nothing that you should have to do to use the FX return of the the amp. There is a level control for the loop, you might check that.
  23. Just a thought... I know when I'm changing parameters on the Helix itself, it's not uncommon for my arm or wrist to touch one of the capacitive buttons thus changing what I am currently trying to adjust. Are you certain that this isn't happening?
  24. Also check the Decay....bring it down. I had alot of issues with the gate until I brought the Decay down on the input gate.
  25. It would seem that the USB cable that comes with Helix(and LT) is sub par. Maybe they got a bad batch, not sure, but I know that I had various issues until I changed out the cable that came with my Helix. The first thing I wanted to do when I got my LT was upgrade the FW. It proved impossible on 3 computers but the 4th worked. Thinking back, I don't think the 4th computer was the key but rather the USB cable. Since then I've had zero issues.
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