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Pod X3 Live Four Cable Method


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Hi. I'm thinking of buying a new all tube amp and running my pod x3 live through it using the 4 cable method. I've looked into it and it would suit my needs perfectly. The tones and overdrives of a good quality amp with reverb, delay modulation etc configured to post on the pod and even the pod's stomp boxes configured to pre. Here's my problem.

I borrowed a marshall 100W AVT which has an effects loop and connected the pod 4 cable method as described in many tutorial videos:

1. Guitar to guitar IN on pod

2. Pod's fx loop send to amp's instrument IN

3. Amp's fx loop send to pod's fx loop return

4. Pod's live out to amp's fx loop return

It nearly worked. Thing is I was getting the AVT's sound (which is obviously what I wanted) but the pod's effects were hardly noticeable when configured to post. Configured to pre they were very noticeable but that's not where I want them.

One thing I have noticed is that the FX loop on the AVT is parallel and I'm wondering does it need to be series? Maybe I just answered my own question and I need to make sure the new tube amp has a series FX loop but I'm just not sure. If you even know what the hell I'm on about give us a shout. I'd very much appreciate some help. Cheers. Tel.

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Hey Thanks for putting this up. I have a Bugera V22 infinium head and a Pod X3 pro. I cabled just as you said and just as you said it was week sounding. I just turned the. Master volume up all the way plus in settings FX Loop there are 2 gain controls. A negative one for input and a positive one for output. I tried turning up the gain but clipped like crazy and I realized I didn't need to touch them. The main thing was the master volume. I turned the amp off so there would e no volume control for that. The effects work as they should. Only thing is, stepping on the footswitch to turn the fx loop n and off does nothing. Same volume either way and same effects either way. Weird

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