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Newbie-we've All Got To Start Somewhere-patch Help Please


Apologies at the outset if my question seems dense but for the 1st time I've downloaded some new custom patches to my HD500 via the Edit software and stored in User 1 Bank. So far so good.


Here's my question.....have I now overwritten the original factory default settings (Best of HD)?


Other than being stored as a bundle on my computer hard drive...are these original now now longer stored on the HD500 itself until I reconnect and reload?


As I said apologies but I've only just got the unit and frankly not too sure how many banks or sounds I can store that are accessible in real time.


Any assistance much appreciated, thanks Tom

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If you stored the custom patches in the User 1 bank then you have not overwritten any of the factory presets.


There is storage space for a total of 512 presets simultaneously accessible in real time on your HD500. They are organized into 8 Setlists, each containing 16 Banks of 4 Presets. So, within any given Setlist there are 64 (16x4) presets identified as 1A through 16D. Each of these 64 is immediately selectable using the Bank Up and Down footswitches in combination with the A through D footswitches when the device is in FS Mode = ABCD.


The 8 Setlists are selectable by holding down the Setlist knob. The factory Setlists are different in different versions of firmware; each factory setlist reserves a number of 'empty' setlists called User X where X is a number. Any Setlist not named User X contains the factory presets provided by Line 6. So as long as you restrict yourself to the User X setlists you will no overwrite any factory preset.


After installing new firmware I make a habit of saving each factory setlist to my computer, thereby ensuring that I can easily (without reinstalling the firmware) recover any factory preset that I may mistakenly overwrite.

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