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TRS and Relay?


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So I have a G75 which I dearly love for my electric gigs. I do a lot of acoustic work and have a Dimarzio Black Angel system....basically a piezo and a magnetic. They are wired such that I use a TRS cable out and then into either a Grace Felix or (for smaller gigs) a K&K preamp which is takes the TRS in and I can then mix the pickups. Is there any way to go wireless using this system?



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I'd be interesting in knowing if there's an easier way than what I do...which is that I have a cable that has a TRS connector that I plug into my bass (Rickenbacker 4003 with a Ric-o-Sound output jack) that splits out into 2 T4AF connectors that I plug into 2 TBP12 transmitters. And I have 2 Relay G90 receivers in my rack. I also have 2 Relay G50 receivers that I use when I use a pedal board instead of the rack.




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