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FX100: Cloud Update Pending / Error popups


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Greetings all,


My unit is stuck in a loop. When I turn on the ipad app or switch to tones, I get the same popups twice (each twice after another). I have re-initialized with no success. I get each message twice and then they get out of way after pressing Ok.


Msg 1 -  Cloud Update Pending: The tone was saved locally, but could not be uploaded to My Tones. The tone will be uploaded automatically when a network connection is available.

Msg 2 - Error: An unexpected error was encountered. Please try again later.


I obviously have net access. Firmware reload not effective.


Any ideas?


"Help me Obi Wan...You're my only hope!"


Thanks for any info, Cheers and Best Regards!



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It seems you don’t have a internet connection on your device with the app to load tones from Line 6 cloud. Make sure your phone or pad is connected to the internet and bluetoothed to the FX. It is not referring to the firmware from the cloud. To update the firmware you need a pc connected via the FX usb port and the L6 updater.


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