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Frozen Update


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So I hadn't updated my Amplfi 75 guitar amp in a long time (wasn't playing electric guitar much). I started working my way through the updates. When I got to the third or 4th update, it basically froze. The circle is spinning but it won't stop. I think I let it run for several hours and it it still just spinning and not updating. I turned off my Amp (I know) and actually deleted the App on my iPad then re-downloaded. Its still stalled out. So no it reads its updating but nothing is happening. 


Any ideas?


Thank you

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Don't have any experience with the Katana, but the Amplifi series is, essentially, abandonware, fraught with unreliable Bluetooth, and firmware update problems that can leave you with a bricked device that has to be sent to the factory for repair. You'll see many threads on the firmware issue in this forum.


IMO, Line 6 dropped the ball bigtime with this amplier...

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