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Honk If You Own A Dream Stage

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do you know any body using md20 is there any body out thair smile if you can hear me.lets start our own support net work if I can figure out how to use this form.please respond how you dooing with it I use my board all most every friday and sat all of 2014.its getting ezear. i am still trying to tie my shoes with it.in outher words ......verry little it cant do ..has any one experienced loss of a channel in a show do to a line signal extreme distortion like a un paded channel pop usualy do to a mistake by a musican the channel seems to have a lot of white noise. re booting dose not seem to work. I have even deleted channel to stop white noise unpluging xlr works also . the channel comes back with new scene. you cant do that in the middle of a show.

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