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Scared Lollypopless By Dt Amp?


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We've all skipped a heartbeat at some point with this thing. Share your brown trousers stories here!


One classic moment was the first time I updated the firmware... very late at night, total silence, and it was working away and i was doing something else and POP! I almost died of fright.


My other fave was recently, when I tried testing the direct out in various modes. I put my re20 space echo pedal in the fx loop and turned up all the knobs. The amp was in standby. Everything was totally silent (again, late night with the kids in bed). I could see the effect on the direct out since I watched my signal level on my mixer stay high after hitting a chord. Then, with the master down, i turned the amp on and found out that the fx return comes in after the master, cos I got a massive blast of squealing feedback.

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Oh yeah. At rehearsal, was messing with the new DT25 and trying different amp models. I think it was the Line6 'epic' that was about 10x louder than all the other amp models around it. Chord, strum, switch amp model... chord, strum, change amp model... Chord, strum, BLASTING LOUD SOUND....


Overall it's been like night and day compared to the hoops I was jumping through. The XLR out is quite good, I've been using it to record rehearsal so I can get a direct signal isolated of my tone to listen to later. The key to that is setting up the recording to mic level, not line level. I was getting the really low WAV file signal strength, and then when I told the Tascam to expect mic not line, it's much better.

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