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Recently Purchased a Helix. Got it updated to 3.10 the day I bought it and with the last update I got the Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode! message on my Helix.


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Got an error while trying to get the most recent update for my Helix. It is currently on version 3.10. When I turn it on the screen reads 'Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!'. The Helix Edit software will try to connect for a second then it will go back to saying No Device Connected. There is also a :0 symbol in the corner of the Helix screen. My helix edit software will not connect to my helix even after uninstalling it and the drivers and reinstalling. I've also tried a different cable and different USB slots and tried installing everything onto another computer and trying it there. I tried doing manual resets using the board itself and nothing will change it from this screen. Factory reset won't take. Even trying to use safe boot the screen just says 'Entered Update Mode!'. don't know what else I can try, only had this for 2 weeks and I am at my wits end. Currently using Windows 10.

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9 hours ago, jeremiahmayes said:

When I turn it on the screen reads 'Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!'.



I keep saying that I will stop doing this, but here we go again.


Once more from the top!


Firstly go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from  "-ALL HARDWARE-" select HELIX then go to  the "-ALL SOFTWARE-" menu item and select HX EDIT, now select your Windows system from under the "-ALL OS-" tab, the click “GO”. From the next page you can select HX Edit 3.10 for your HELIX. Then you will also need the Firmware 3.10 Flash Memory. On the page you will find the Line 6 Updater version 1.20 - you will need this too.


Download all these items to your computer and note where they are. 


  1. Disconnect the USB cable connecting your Helix to the computer.
  2. Boot the unit into "Safe Boot" (Update Mode) - switch off the Helix, press and hold Footswitch FS6 and FS12 (MODE + TAP to the right) then power up your Helix.
  3. Reconnect the Helix to the computer, preferably trying a different port than before. Don’t use a USB hub - some ports on the front of a PC can function as a hub.
  4. Launch the latest Line 6 Updater, and ensure that HX Edit is not open and running - in fact try not to have any other applications running in the background as this may interfere with the update.
  5. If the unit connects, attempt to reinstall the firmware - Select "Offline Mode". Your Helix hardware unit and current firmware version should now show up in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a  local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you downloaded and let it get on with the update.
  6. If the unit does not connect, close Line 6 Updater, connect to a different USB port on the computer, preferably with a different USB cable as well, and relaunch Line 6 Updater.
  7. If the unit then connects, reinstall the firmware as above.
  8. If the unit does still not connect, please try a different computer.
  9. You can also try to reset your Helix, does it still show the resetting message? If so, switch off the Helix, press and hold Footswitch FS9 and FS1 then switch on your Helix again.

No guarantees are given or implied, you do this at your own risk. If it doesn’t work, raise a ticket with Customer Support.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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Hello, i have the same issue as jeremiah for the helix lt : i tried to update the device on the 3.10 version just after getting the helix lt and i got a blue screen while upgrading the firmware.

Since then, i have the same error : "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" with the ":-3" symbol on the left of the screen.

I tried to reset the helix multiple times, change USB slots/USB cable, and re installing all the softwares, nothing really change the message.


I did all the steps above (thank you datacommando) : i can see the helix lt on the line 6 updater but when i try to update the firmware, i have this message on the line 6 updater : 

"Firmware Update Failed

An error has occurred. Please try again.

Please follow these steps when updating your Line 6 Product.

1. Turn the power switch off, then back on.

2. Ensure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a hub or peripheral such as a keyboard or mouse.

3. Click 'Continue' and attempt the update again."


And this message on the helix lt : "Update failed, please reboot and try again!"


So i follow the instructions (swith off/back on, changing usb slots, USB cable, select the flash memory file 3.10 every time) but i can't really make progress since then, the update always fail maybe 1 second after i start the update. I tried with off/back on without pressing before on F6/F12 and with it. I don't have an other PC to try this unfortunately.


I'm currently on Windows 10, with the Hx edit 3.10, Line 6 updater 1.20 and the firmware 3.10 flash memory.


Thank you for your answer.


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On 4/25/2021 at 6:48 PM, rmartin23 said:

Hello, i have the same issue as jeremiah for the helix lt

Don’t Panic - It is very rare that a glitch in the firmware will actually turn your device into an paperweight.


You mentioned that you were updating your Helix LT to the latest v3.10 firmware, but didn’t say what version was already installed. The reason I mention this is because, IIRC, the “boot failure” is actually part of the 2.80 update process, when the main system core was modified. It seems to me that this happens when trying to update from firmware versions prior to the core change.


If you type :-3 into the search function on the forum main page it should return stacks of instances of this “error”. In fact it was such a big “known issue” it was documented in bold red text on the release notes for 2.80.  Step 3a - See link below.


O.K. Let’s try this to see if we can “kickstart” your hardware into update mode.


  1. Remove all Line 6 software from your computer especially the Windows drivers and then restart your computer.
  2. Make sure to turn off the power to your Helix.
  3. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and Helix.
  4. Hold down FS6 & FS12 and the turn power on and when Helix logo appears, quickly release both foot switches. Leave it powered up.
  5. Download the and install latest HX Edit v. 3.1(with all the drivers)
  6. Reconnect the USB cable to Helix and computer - Do not use a Hub.
  7. Ensure that HX Edit is not open and running.
  8. Find and launch the Line 6 Updater and re-install the v.3.10 firmware file.


Hope this helps/makes sense.


No guarantees are given or implied, you do this at your own risk. If it doesn’t work, raise a ticket with Customer Support.

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On 10/10/2022 at 10:02 PM, slimeric said:

I am having the same issue. 

Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode. In the middle of the update, the computer crashed. 

Now I am stuck in this state. Can someone please help?


Thank you



Not sure what to make of your post - there are recovery instructions in this thread. Plus when seeking assistance from other users it’s really a big help to know exactly what computer and OS you’re using and all other relevant information.


Anyhow as this has now become really tedious and to save me from more typing here’s a copy and paste from an earlier post elsewhere on the forum (along with many, many more). Here we go again!


Find the list of Reset/SafeBoot options here:


I have said many, many times in these threads that I intended to stop giving the instructions on how to recover from a failed update, so this time I suggest that you simply go to the main section of this Helix forum and type “Boot Error: Entered update mode” into the Search panel in the top right of the menu. From the results you will probably find one of the many previous lists of instructions posted by me, and many other users, who repeatedly supplied the solution on prior occasions. 

Hope this helps/makes sense.

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