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FBV 3 Volume Calibration

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Volume goes from nothing to instantly loud with small movement and then no more change as you go farther forward. Can this be calibrated? I have an EX-1 also and it acts the same. I am connected to a Spider V 240 that has the firmware updated.

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So you are saying you have this volume-pedal issue whether using the FBV3's on-board pedal or if plugging in an external EX1?  For what it is worth, I have the FBV3/EX1 and don't have this problem at all (either using the FBV3 pedal or EX1, the volume pedal works fine for me) so something is definitely wrong.  I never performed any calibration on anything.  When I went to hook up the EX1 initially, I thought I would have to do something, but the FBV3 instantly re-configured to "wah-only" with the external EX1 acting as a volume pedal, and configures back when unplugged.  The current FBV3 firmware version is v1.02 (shows up on the FBV3 display).  Besides the latest Spider V 240 firmware,  does your FBV3 have this most up-to-date firmware too?  If so, maybe even try re-loading the FBV3 firmware anyway.  Also, there is a "Line 6 FBV Control" app.  I am not sure if this app would help you, but maybe (?).  If there is nothing here to help, you likely need to call Line 6 who I am pretty sure can help straighten this out.

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