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Wedding DJ, Urgent help requested XD-V75 Mic

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Last Saturday night a wedding my 2 year old XD-V75 mic was cutting out, and it had been always rock solid. The cutouts had nothing to do with distance, or interference. I can hold the mic in front of the receiver and watch the RF meter sporadically  go up and down. The same this is happening now in my house. 

* I also use a v70 mic and switched it to  this V75 receiver and all was good. Went back to the V75 mic and then the RF meter sporadically tanks again. (sidenote...My v70 receiver could not find the v75 mic to crosscheck)

* The V75 receiver and V75mic have latest software on them.

* Ironically I cant seem to change the channel on the V75 receiver (it is on 1). I change to another channnel and push in the button and it will not lock, also it seems the exit button does not work at all. I have a feeling theses buttons never worked since I plug and played this system right out of the (new) box.

* Next day RF is at max,,,,still cant change channels but RF is all greeen. Put mic on low power ,walked it to end of long building with many walls (250 feet), and still all green. Took Off antennas a&b and still all solid green.  I have no idea if this is real at this point or not.


I suspect the problem is with the mic. Any help would be appreciated.  




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I had the same problem with a six mic setup.  In and out.  Turned out to be interference from the surrounding 2.4 GHz spectrum.  There is a scan function on the receiver to locate open uncluttered space.  Once that scan was done, I had no other drop outs.  Saved my show.




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Sounds like you might need to check whether you're in RF1 or RF2 mode.

If you had more than one mic switched on and were mixing modes, you'd get exactly these symptoms.

In virtually all cases, you'll want (everything) to be in RF1 mode.

Do you have any other equipment close to the receiver that transmits anything on any frequency? Bluetooth music steaming, wireless lighting control, mobile phone etc? If so, move them several feet away.

There are lots of RF issues to be aware of when using wireless mics - they're never plug & play, no matter how cheap or expensive they are. I've seen several people on here adamant that their equipment was faulty only to discover it was something like them leaving a spare transmitter sat on top of the receiver! Keep everything that transmits well away from your receiver antennae.

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