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  1. I had the same problem with a six mic setup. In and out. Turned out to be interference from the surrounding 2.4 GHz spectrum. There is a scan function on the receiver to locate open uncluttered space. Once that scan was done, I had no other drop outs. Saved my show. Steve
  2. I mounted six in a rack in a 2x3 config. Worked just fine. It's been awhile, but I believe you connect two units together using a rail and then insert the two units as a whole into the rack. All the mounting hardware should be included if you bought new units.
  3. 1) How many units are you running? 2) Are you in RF1 or RF2 mode? 3) What distance are the transmitters from the receivers? 4) Are you running any other devices (tablets, mixers, phones, guitar/bass wireless, mics, laptops, etc) that have wifi or bluetooth on stage near the transmitters or receivers? The XD-AD8 Antenna Distribution System coupled with a P180 Directional Active Antenna Pair might provide the solution if you are operating multiple systems in a noisy environment. The isolation and directional nature of the P180s might provide you with enough signal focus to keep out those interfering signals. I don't own these yet, but my research into these leads me to believe they might help out. The only true way to know for sure is to get them and use them, unfortunately. Not a cheap experiment. But others who have them might be able to comment to their effectiveness.
  4. From the XD-V75 Pilot's Guide page 13, see the last line: The square might be just an "o" (oh). I also found on page 22: Hope this helps, Steve
  5. Got my six XD-75Ls, racked em, and went with option B above just because. In RF1 mode. After turning off the 2GHz radio in my router, leaving the 5GHz to connect with my computer and two Fire TVs, I tested things out. A strange thing was happening, I would lose signal, drop out! All LEDs down to nothing. No red. Very odd. Eventually, I remember I had left my phone in the back of the rack. DUH!!! I used the light to see things while I connected the cables. After removing the noisy phone, I had solid green bars and no dropouts. Very happy with my purchase. Now the big test is when I put the transmitters on people and have them moving around the set. That'll be a fun day. Thanks for everyone's advice!
  6. I know this is a year old, but .... Could it be that the gain on the receiver (for the pack in question) is set higher than the rest? Or, could it be that the vocal EQ filter model on the transmitter is set different from the rest allowing for higher frequencies to pass thru? If you solved the issue, I would be interested in learning what you did. I'm going to be running a six mic setup and the additive effect of all the open mics on stage can be a feedback nightmare. I'm looking into gates and feedback destroyers to help eliminate or at least reduce the feedback,
  7. It's basically a budget issue for me. I want to start with six receivers and then in a few months, I'll add the AD8 and then a couple of months later, add the P180s. So either A or B configs and running RF1 sounds like the better choice. Since I'm running a wifi router in the studio with only the 5GHz radio (2.4 GHz is disabled), I should be fine. I'm using the wifi router to connect a laptop and two Fire TV televisions together on their own network. There is 2.4GHz elsewhere in the building, but I don't mind impacting it - and it's outside the studio, which is a built like a Faraday cage. Thanks all for the advice!
  8. I'm going to build my system in two stages. Purchase six XD-V75 systems and later add an XD-AD8 and a pair of P180s. Given the limit of four chained receivers, which configuration would be best? A. Create two sets of three chained receivers B. Create a set of four chained receivers and a set of two chained receivers I assume RF2 mode is appropriate since there are no other legacy Line 6 devices being used.
  9. Line 6 support was kind enough to reply to my support request via email. Here's their reply: This is what I figured given the quality and price of the XD-V systems, but it's nice to know for sure. Thanks, Line 6!
  10. From wikipedia: Phantom Power I have yet to find any mention of phantom power and Line 6 wireless receivers. I wish Line 6 would at least have a statement about it in their XD-V manuals. Some Manufacturers protect against it. From Shure : FAQ: #360
  11. I wish the designers would have considered rechargeables and offered the ability to tell the transmitter what type of battery is being used and adjust for it. My little Tascam field recorder does this so it's obvious it can be done.
  12. I've been using EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries (16 Counts) 2,800mAh NiMH on different wireless transmitters and they last all day. And the BONAI 18 Bay Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger is the best I've found. No paired charging - each slot is independent.
  13. After posting I did some more reading and was beginning to figure out the two were not the same (channels). It's probably unfortunate that the term "channel" was used by Line 6 as this just exacerbates the confusion. It's a good term, just easily confused with "WiFi channels." The way Line 6 uses the spectrum is really impressive. Yeah, I sort of figure this might be the case. The smaller the wavelength, the less able it is to penetrate walls (such as human bodies). Within the TV studio that I use for my show, I can sometimes get a signal for the 2.4GHz router radio, but the 5GHz radio is never accessible. That's always my first impression too. Thanks for your insights. It was very helpful.
  14. I just read an article stating the following: A Wi-Fi router can operate on channels 12 and 13, but only in a “low power” mode. For this reason, routers don’t normally offer it as an option, and you’ll rarely see channels 12 and 13 in the USA. It’s not illegal to use channels 12 and 13, but it is illegal to do so in full power mode. Channel 14 is banned in the USA and throughout most of the world but is allowed in Japan. I'm wondering if it's even worth the extra $100 for the v75 vs. the v55. I found the comparison guide between the two and it seems the only differences are channel 13/14 and encryption - I'm not even sure why I would want to encrypt the communication. Also, is it even legal/possible to operate channel 14 in the US on the v75. Also wondering if there is any point to operating in channel 12 or 13 since they are both lower power channels and would be more subject to interference. Another thing this article stated was: If you have a lot of wireless congestion, just switch to 5 GHz Wi-Fi. That’s your solution. It has many more channels and you can avoid a lot of congestion. This makes me wonder why Line 6 hasn't swapped out the 2.4GHz radios for 5GHz radios in this product line. It sure would seem like the best option to avoid dropouts. My current dilemma is that I need 8 wireless channels. My research leads me to two different 2.4GHz systems, Line 6 XD-V and Audio-Technica System 10 Pro. With the S10Pro I would be running 8 Cat5 cables around my stage and positioning the receivers just above the talent. That's a lot of cables to run (I have to set up and tear down once a month). With the XD-V, I could use the P180 pair positioned at the corners of my stage pointed in towards my talent giving me great coverage, but I would probably need an AD8 since daisy chaining 8 XD-V systems is not recommended (I read this somewhere). I certainly would prefer running two cables vs. eight each month. I've also seen many comments in this forum from people bailing on Line 6 due to dropouts, etc. Could it be that they just don't understand how to get the most out of the XD-V systems? Or, is the 2.4GHz band just too saturated these days to be usable by these products anymore?
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