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  1. Hey guys. I am using 7 xdv75 with headset mics in a musical. They're all great, but ONE of the packs has feedback...all the time. After full troubleshooting - I know that it is just the pack. Anyone ever have this issue? Love
  2. I haven't read all of this...but I was having terrible drop-outs with my xdv75 packs - and it was completely fixed by extending the antenna's with cables up into the air with mic stands, so that there was complete line of sight for everything.
  3. Hey! I am almost furious just reading this...because of the months of stress caused by this same problem. I have 8 systems in a musical I produce/mix audio for. The answer? THE LINE 6 HEADSET MIC CONNECTORS ARE SH*T! COMPLETE SH*T. I had them send me a total of 6 replacements before I just bit the bullet and bought a different brand of headset mics. And I am 100% correct about what the problem is, because they were all BRAND NEW AND UNUSED. And sometimes after only an hour of use, they would start crackling. Switched out a brand new one on the same pack, and no noise. Absolutely just sh*tty construction of the connectors. Horrible, disappointing, outrageous. Luckily they came in the pack, so I still got the actual systems for a good value. Sorry you were roped in as well.
  4. Hey guys. New to posting, but not to reading these. This is a long one...but I've spent a lot of money on these things so I would LOVE some insight. I have an unusual situation with the XDV-75's. I have 8 of them. Doing audio for a musical that I produce. Midtown NYC. Small 80 sq foot room. 7 actors on stage at a time. 1 system for backup. Have been running RF-1 with daisy chained antenna's (4 and 4). Still getting at least 8 or so dropouts within the 75 minute show, on a good day. Sometimes one of the channels just drops out for minutes at a time. Sometimes a channel is completely red when right next to receiver. Just tried RF-2 tonight with no better luck. SO I bought the XD-AD8 antenna distributor. It's a LITTLE better, but still getting drop-outs. There isn't a WI-FI router in the room by the way. Some channels are solid for the whole show, some just aren't. 1. Is this normal, and the best I can get in Midtown Manhattan? OR should I get the p180 for a stronger signal? I am well within the 300 foot range (50 feet max from actors to receivers). Does the p-180 just give a better, stronger signal that will benefit me, even if I don't actually need the increased range? 2. Does the XD-AD8 make that much of a difference? It's 550 bucks - and I still get dropouts 3. Can I even use the p-180's WITHOUT the AD8? Will the normal xd-75 receiver power the paddle antenna, and then allow me to daisy chain it to the other 7 systems? I know I can do better things like putting mics on belts, instead of in pockets - like some of the men have them in now. Does that make a huge difference? Also, the antennas are front mounted - facing me - but the tips of them are over the rack - line of sight to actors. Thank you SO MUCH for any help - Hal
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