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  1. I have been testing the Kentli rechargeable batteries for use in our XD-v70 wireless microphones. We were throwing away batteries when they got down to 3 hours and it just seemed wasteful. I was wondering if anyone else has tried these batteries and what their results were. They are available from Amazon. These are Lithium-ion batteries that must have a voltage regulator in them to supply the normal 1.5 volts. I just recharge them when the microphone shows a drop in the amount of time left. Due to the voltage regulator, I believe that they would provide the full 1.5 volts until they are almost dead. Any thoughts?
  2. I started having drop outs after we upgraded the sound system. I bought the p180 active antennas and made a 100 foot low loss (lmr) cable to put the antennas on stage. No dropouts until someone found a dead spot. So I turned off power save and it works now. I think blue tooth transmission was causing the issue. Because I never had problems until people were there with all those cell phones.
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