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Adjusting the Pod Go Main output and headphone volume

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Hello forum,

I am interested in purchasing a Line 6 Pod Go. I have no experience with it. I need to use it live on stage with the main output going to the FOH and also to FRFR monitor.

I understand how to send the signal to the FOH. I thought I could use the headphone jack to power my individual monitor. 

I have yet found an answer to my question on the internet as of yet. 

Here's what I need to do:

How do I adjust the main output and headphone output using the same volume knob? Can I do this individually in a live situation? And if so how do I do it?

I read through the owners manual and searched videos on how to do this. People mention the volume knob controls both main output and headphone output.

But they never tell you how to do it? 

Your response is very much appreciated.


Best Regards,



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I have recently purchased the POD Go and there doesn't seem to be a basic volume function when using a patch or when switching from one patch to another. You can be playing at reasonable volume with one patch and then switch to another patch and the whole house shakes because of the volume.  Totally not acceptable.


Is there anything more basic than volume?


The solution that I have seen is to go through all of the patches and adjust the channel volume, and/or the FX loop level after initially setting your amp and the master volume of the POD Go at the volume you like. Then saving each patch.  This is a very time consuming process and I'm afraid I'm going to spend more time dialing in the POD Go then actually playing guitar.


Line 6 should provide specific instructions to address this basic issue and maybe there is but I haven't seen it yet.

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The best way to level your presets is using the Level parameter in the Output block. You can use the Channel Volume as well.


I think the idea with these devices is that you make your own presets and level the volumes as you go… It not that you just scroll through the factory presets all the time.

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Thanks Phil. I appreciate your advice and will look at the level parameter in the output block as well.

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