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Pod Farm 2 Midi Assignment Problem

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Hi all, I'm having a problem with POD Farm running with my POD studio UX2:
I can't assign any midi control in the MIDI Assignment view panel, I wrongly cleared the default assignment for a setlist and find that there is no button to add new assignment and mappings as showed in the user's manual.
I've tried to completely remove pod farm from my mac but there's no way to return at the default settings.
Every time I reinstall all software and drivers, the previous settings are automatically loaded.
I want to go back to the default settings or finally have the buttons shown here
for add the default midi assignments and set the footswitch 1 & 2 to be used as previous and next tone.

Thanks for the attention, best wishes.


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Hello, i have the same problem and don't find the solution.


Is there anybody could help us?





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