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BTW: USB C and Sonic Port...?

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Is it now conceivable to operate a Sonic Port on an iPad with a USB-C port? Or does Line 6 want to avoid releasing a suitable cable/adapter? After all, the Sonic Port is still available in the current portfolio....

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I am now working with my new IPAD Pro 3.Gen (USB-C/USB-4). So I am no longer able to use my Sonic Port.
I already tried to use the ANKER USB-C/Lightning converter cable, but the sonic port device is not recognized by the new IPAD


can anybody recommend a converter cable to continue using the sonic port?


Thx guenter

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So, it’s almost end of 2023, and because of the new iPhones using USB-C, Apple just released their own lightning to USB-C adapter.


I am not able to test, as where I live there’s no Apple store in this country, and ordering from other country to risk not working, for to return and pay return shipping is complicated. So, anyone around here would test out the new Apple adapter?

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