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FBV3 bank/program change on a desktop pc

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You would use the desktop PC (using the Remote app) to establish your desired banks of A/B/C/D presets.  Then when actually playing, you could change between banks, or between A/B/C/D presets within a given bank, all with your foot without ever missing a note or having to sit down or fiddle with the amp.  Yes, you can also do the same with either the control knob on the amp, or using Remote on the PC ... but, the FBV3 adds a significant layer of convenience.  I was initially hesitant to get the FBV3 based upon its relative high cost along with knowing it does not add any effects, etc.  That being said, I was very glad I did, though, also adding the external expression pedal which allows the FBV3's on-board pedal as a high-quality dedicated wah pedal, and the external expression pedal a dedicated volume pedal.  It was not too long after having it setup that I was so GLAD that I got the FBV3 setup,  It quickly became indispensable for me. 


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If you are using FBV3 with MIDI, are you using the "FBV Control" software application?  (this is totally different from the "Spider V Remote" application)

This software download is intended for users using MIDI w/ FBV.

It is available in the software downloads:

      To get it the Downloads section, select >>> Hardware:  "FBV3";  Software: "Line 6 FBV Control";  OS: "Win 10" (or as applicable to you)

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I'm stuck with this as well. Can someone explain how to set up the bank changes so they then map to different presets for A-D? For instance, Bank 1 should be presets A1 B1 C1 D1 then using up arrow to go to Bank 2 I want it to map to A2 B2 C2 D2 (different presets from Bank 1). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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