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Flextone II repetative pop noise

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I've got an older Flextone II and some years ago it started to make these pop noises. It really makes music making unenjoyable or even impossible and even though you can hear your guitar the way it should be, this noise doesn't go away and even it the amp is "hot" it's still there and nothing changes.


What I've already checked:

  1. I'm using it in Europe, in Germany with 230V / 50Hz if that matters
  2. pop noise comes out of the speaker, but also on the send channel, so it must be something in the pre-amp part I guess
  3. it's the same if I switch it in any position on the top to any setting, nothing matters, but: all the effects would be applied on the pop noise, so another proof that it happens somewhere in the pre-amp part
  4. if amp is cold or not, doesn't matter
  5. timely manner of the noises is constant
  6. if there's a cable put in or not, doesn't matter
  7. inside looks good, no obvious pops or burns


Any help would be appreciated.


For the sound of the pop noise, see the video.



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Thanks, but it worked before, so same country, same cable, maybe another place. Now I brought it to another country to have a cheaper repair and there it made the same noise first. I'm currently waiting for the repair to be done.

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