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POD GO wireless + Rocktron Banshee Talk Box?


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Hi, all!


In your vast experience, what would be the best way to connect a Rocktron Banshee TB to a POD GO Wireless? The trad chain would be guitar>Banshee>POD, but how will it work on a wireless unit? Many thanks!

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Hi MonCGuitar, 


I would recommend using POD Go Wireless' FX loop. 


For the trad chain set up, move the FX Loop block to the beginning of the signal flow in POD Go. Connect POD Go's FX Loop SEND to the Banshee's GUITAR IN. Then connect the Banshee's TO AMP out to POD Go's FX Loop Return. 


With this set up, you can leave the Banshee always on and control its bypass via the assigned footswitch for the FX Loop. You also have the ability to move the FX Loop block anywhere in the signal chain. 


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