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Edited / Stored Tones?


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I am curious if anyone can say for sure whether or not All Factory OR Edited tones are stored only in the iOS Amplifi App, & then transferred via App to A,B,C,D, by the user?


Or, are ALL tones (Factory or Edited) residing on the Amp itself (and only modified in the App) and then it's up to the user to load your 4 favorites to A,B,C,D for use without

a FBV a foot controller?


Ideally to be to future proof, these tones (factory or edited) would be ALL on the Amp itself (vs App), and saved tones could be called up without the constant need for the App,

(so long as you have a compatible FBV device to switch between the 25 banks & toggle effects). 

And then your 4 favorite tones would be always in A,B,C,D in case you are without an FBV controller or just choose not to use one.


Recently Purchased Used Amplifi 150 / FBV Shortboard MkII - 

Still in the learning curve here -

Appreciate any thoughts or comments from the group or moderators.



Chuck N.


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Hi Chuck,


I also have the Amplifi 150 and Shortboard Mk II, and from what I can tell, only the 25 banks of 4 tones are stored on the amp, the rest are on the device or your L6 account. I came to this conclusion by switching to a new device and connecting to my amp. The onboard tones were the same and the other tones I loaded from my account. That's the conclusion I came to anyway.


I hope this helps!

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