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Helix power status when connecting


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I have a basic question regarding when it is necessary to power off the Helix Floor when making connections.


Electronics equipment manuals usually specify when you should power off the device before making certain connections.

I have not been able to find any information about this in the current Helix manual (Version 3.0 Rev F).


My question: Is it safe to connect and disconnect cables while the Helix (Floor) is powered on?

For all of these…

- Exp2, Exp3

- Ext Amp

- CV

- Guitar In

- Aux In

- Mic In

- Sends/Returns

- XLR Out

- 1/4” Out

- Phones

- Variax

- MIDI In/Out/Thru


- AES/L6 Link




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You can plug and unplug anything you want while the Helix is powered on. The one wrinkle would be the mic input when using a mic that requires phantom power. It’s best practice to plug the mic in first and then turn phantom power on.

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